The Communist Bloc
It's our forum...again again


Executive Order #17

Greetings again citizens of the Bloc!

Today I have issued EO#17. The reasoning for this was seeing that the original EO, EO#8, was not designed to really capture how the citizens feel about the actions of the Ministries. Therefore, I have issued this Executive Order in an attempt to solve this problem. This EO will allow the Executive to accurately gauge how the citizens view the actions of the Ministries.

Thank you,
Lil' Stapler

MoDA Stamp Donation Drive!

Hello fellow comrades and friends!

A few days ago the Ministry of Domestic Affairs announced a stamp donation drive!

What is a stamp donation drive?
A stamp donation drive is a way to help boost our regions population, and we are VERY close to being the largest User Created Region (UCR) in NationStates. This is another opportunity for you to step in and help the region grow!

What Are Stamps?
In NationStates, stamps are credits that can be purchased from the NationStates Store. These stamps can then be used to automatically send mass telegrams, and we use them to recruit new & refounded nations. You can find some more information in the NationStates FAQ.

Who Can Purchase Stamps?
Any person with a nation can purchase stamps for that nation, or to gift them to another nation. It is important to remember that once stamps have been purchased for or gifted to one nation, then it is impossible to transfer them to another. So make sure you are using the correct nation when going stamp shopping!

How Much Do Stamps Cost?
Stamps cost 1 US dollar for 1000 stamps. There is also a minimum purchase of 1000 stamps. You can make payments using either Paypal, a Credit Card, or a Debit Card.

Why Should I Donate?
The Communist Bloc needs to use a lot of stamps, as they are the most effective way to get new members to join the region. As there is currently no amount of money saved for the benefit of the region, we rely on donations from our members to sustain recruitment. Without donations, their use will need to be limited.

How Do I Donate Stamps?
Log in the nation you want the donation to come from. You can also donate anonymously, by doing the following steps while not being logged in any nation. If you choose to do so, please keep in mind that you will not be acknowledged in the Domestic Affairs Ministry donation reports, as it is impossible to identify the source of the donation. Once you are logged in the nation of your choice, go to the NationStates Store.

The Communist Bloc need your help. Without donations from you, the Bloc will never be able to grow and support itself. I thank you and appreciate ANY donations you can possibly make to help the Bloc.

Kindest regards,
Lil' Stapler, General Secretary

Executive Order #16

Greetings citizens of the Bloc,

Recently we have seen some problems come up regarding the inefficiency of the Civil Service. Therefore, in an effort to increase participation and efficiency, I hereby issue EO#16.

This Order should streamline the process of Civil Service applicants by having the General Secretary and the Deputy General Secretary dedicated to applicants. It will also add a section to the citizenship applications to get new citizens involved from the start. In the event a Ministry is failing short due to lack of volunteers, or a volunteer is not living their potential in a specific Ministry, it allows the dedicated heads to reassign them in order to improve efficiency.

Thank you,
Lil' Stapler.

An Statement from the General Secretary to Our Comrades Abroad

A Statement from the General Secretary and the Executive Cabinet of The Communist Bloc​

To our comrades from across the NationStates left-wing spectrum.

For years, The Communist Bloc has enjoyed it’s famous reputation as the largest leftist region in the game. However, we now acknowledge that this may not be everything that we are well known for. The Communist Bloc has long been infamous for having committed many belligerent acts upon members of the leftist community of NationStates, mainly because they were seen as more right wing or just for a blatant and obvious attempt at power by subjugation.

While we cannot speak for the past administrations of The Communist Bloc, we the members of the current administration would like acknowledge the fact that our great region has committed a great many many errors. It saddens us deeply that it has only taken this long for us to look back and realize the gravity of our past mistakes and the erroneous judgment of the past administrations.

Furthermore, we would like to extend a sincere and unconditional apology to the members of the leftist community, whether you be state socialist, social democratic, democratic socialist, or even anarchist. If you were violated or invaded or offended by our actions, we want you to know that we are aware of these unspeakable actions and that we would like to make amends if possible. We would also like to take the time to say that we now completely and wholly condemn these actions, and the persons in past administrations that were responsible for overseeing such decisions.

The Communist Bloc seeks to move past this dark and dubious time in our history and stand in solidarity with any and all those who call themselves leftist and anti-capitalist, even if we have ideological differences. Thank you for to anyone who took the time to read this. And to those of the leftist community that we've offended in the past, we hope that you, our comrades and ideological allies, can find it in your hearts and minds to forgive us for these past actions.

In Leftist Solidarity,

Lil’Stapler of Rukiana
General Secretary and Commander-in Chief of The Communist Bloc

Nathaniel Penrose of Ubertas
Minister of Foreign Affairs of The Communist Bloc

Stapler Victory Speech and Cabinet Appointments.

The new General Secretary has released his Victory Speech and Cabinet Appointments

Victory Speech, Cabinet appointments & Line of Succession.

The General Secretary has released his victory speech, line of succession and a public consultation on his cabinet choices:


A proposal has come to condemn this glorious region. We can’t let this happen.

Executive Order #15

Greetings Citizens of The Communist Bloc.

Recently, we have seen several events whereby accusations have been made of voter manipulation; the theory being that ill-informed and newly joined voters can be coerced - based upon who is doing well in open votes - into voting for specific candidates. In order to combat this threat to the democratic process, i hereby issue EO#15

This executive order should prevent such events from occurring, due to its requirement for blind voting, which will hopefully eliminate the annoying spectre of unnecessary complaints to the people's tribunal, and minimise the future re-occurrence of bickering over this sore subject.

That is all.
The General Secretary.

My resignation

Good evening, everyone.

As many of you are aware, I’ve worked in the Bloc government at some capacity for the over a year. In this time, I’ve made many friends, I’ve helped reshape our political landscape, and I’ve genuinely just had a lot of fun.

But with many things, after it hasn’t been fun for a while, one wants to stop. Sadly, I am at that point.

I’ve been playing NationStates since 2010 - I’ve done a lot of moving around and I’ve tried a lot of different communities and activities. And I’m 100% staying in the Communist Bloc. But I am, however, substantially reducing the time and energy I put forward here. It’s become more tedious, more stressful to participate in the Bloc’s government as a legislator, and it isn’t fair to my fellow citizens to have a representative who doesn’t care about her constituents. Therefore, effective immediately, I am stepping down from the following:

-the Central Committee of TCB
-the office of Chief of Staff
-the Party Council of PPTCB
-my People’s Party membership
-the Administration Council

Should I still be needed as Vice-Delegate of the WA, I will stay; frankly all I need to do there is keep my endorsement count high, it doesn’t require much effort.

I’m sure many of you have questions. I can say now that I probably don’t have many good answers. I think I’m honestly going to take a break from NationStates as a whole for a bit, logging in every now and again to make sure my nation doesn’t CTE. That will most likely happen after I’ve wrapped my current trial vs. Trabardia. It wouldn’t be right to leave in the middle of legal proceedings.

This is nothing personal against anyone in the Bloc - so many of you have become close friends of mine. But I just need a break from it all for a while. There’s no point in playing a game that isn’t fun anymore.

I may change my mind down the road and rejoin Bloc politics. Until then, this is my official resignation.

Ad infinitum et ultra, amici.

Moving forums

This is a mirror of the version posted on the old forums


As many of you have noticed, the current forums have run into...some issues. While I will explain those issue and the reasons for this move later in this post, I think it is best to point you to the new forums:

While it is a little rough around the edges at the moment, as any new forum is, Micha has been working tirelessly with all 8 limbs to develop custom plugins and integrations to suit our community. Further, the open source nature of the software we have chosen for the new forum means that we can contribute directly to the development of the software itself, while also being easily able to create plugins for our use cases. Yes it is not as pretty as our current forum, but we have reviewed every option that exists, and I can say with confidence that this is the best option available for us.

So, now to the explanations - why we have to move. To put it bluntly, the current forums and their host are no longer fit for purpose:

  • Since Pytor has, unfortunately, gone MIA we have no way to change the configurations or backend files of the current site. As such, our time with the forum is limited until November anyway. As a result of this limit, myself and Micha made plans as to what to do upon that date approaching. However, our hand was forced because…

  • Registrations are no longer working, as RECAPTCHA is not loading correctly. There is no way to fix this without having access to Pytor’s server, but as he is completely unreachable we have no way to fix this. This means that no new users are able to sign up, which we are classing as a critical error.

  • On top of that, the current forums have several issues that are not going to allow us to use it going into the future, and as such the decision to move has been made.

Obviously, the new forum is not perfect, and it will need populating and use before it will start to feel normal. However, the staff team have been working incredibly hard over the last 3 weeks to get this to a good state.

If you find any issues, or have any requests, then their is a brand new Admin Requests thread on the new forum for just that!

Best Regards,
The Admins